What Is Musculoskeletal System ? How Musculoskeletal Systems Function

What is Musculoskeletal System ?

The musculoskeletal system consist of the bones of the skeleton their joints and the skeletal muscle
that move the body.

Human Body Skeletal and Muscular System

  • The skeletal system is the structural framework that supports a body.
  • It also provide protection for a soft tissue and internal organ and serves as an attachment for the body’s muscle that push against it and apply force, resulting in movement.

Types of Skeletal and Muscular System

  1. Axial skeleton
  2. Appendicular skeleton


The axial skeleton consist of the :-

  • Skull
  • Vertibral column
  • Ribs
  • Sternum
Together the bones forming these structure constitute the central bony core of the body.


The skull rest on the upper end of the vertebral column and its bony structure is divided into two

1) cranium
2) face


  • The cranium is formed by a number of flat and irregular bones.
  • It provide bony protection for brain.
  • It has a base upon which the brain rests vault that surrounds and covers it.
  • The periosteum lining the inner surface of the skull bones forms the outer layer of dura mater.
  • In the mature skull the joints (suture) between the bones are inmovable (fibrous).
  • The bones have numerous perforation (ex. Foramine, fissures) through which nerves, bloodand lymph vessels pass.

The bones of the cranium are : 8 bone

  • 1 frontal bone
  • 2 parietal bones
  • 2 temporal bone
  • 1 occipital bone
  • 1 sphenoid bone
  • 1 ethmoid bone


  • It is an immovable junction between two bones.


  • Between frontal and parietal bone
  • It involve parietal bone, frontal bone

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